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Our Services constructs, delivers, and provides a high-quality and reputable Classic Auto Repair through out the entire Auburn area.

Classic Car Transport

Classic car transport is usually needed when you plan on relocating your classic car to a new house, purchasing a new vehicle for the collection.

Engine Maintenance

An engine maintenance specialist is familiar with all of the necessary elements for restoring your vehicle.

Exhaust Repair and Upgrades

One of the biggest advantages of owning a classic car is that the parts of it are easily available and cheaper compared to the modern vehicles. We offer exhaust repair and upgrades for better classic car performance.

Full Synthetic Oil Changes

Many reputable manufacturers recommend regular full synthentic oil change intervals much longer than what’s actually in your car’s best interest. 

Heating and Cooling Services

If you are considering the purchase of a classic vehicle, you should ask the dealership about the heating and cooling services offered. 

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Auburn Classic Car Experts

Auburn, WA, USA

Auburn Classic Car Experts bring pride and passion to every project that we undertake, with a professional team of mechanics.

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